Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week #2

Hey everyone,

This week has been so crazy and I have so much to tell you. I hope I can remember to get it all in. So first off I am sorry I didn't get to email you when I said I would my district got the amazing opportunity to go to the Mexico City Temple Visitors center which was amazing!

Stomach Flu- So over the weekend a huge portion of the CCM got some sort of virus. Almost my whole district got it and we were all pretty sick for about 46 hours. Me and my companion basically spent the whole weekend in the Bathroom or in bed. It was definitely a moment that we will never forget and we now joke about it because we always pray to come closer together as a companionship and being sick together for that long gave us a lot of time to talk and we definitely became a lot closer. We were sick all Sunday so we didn't get to go to church but some of the other Hermanans told us that sacrament was basically empty in our zone because everyone got sick. We are all better now and looking back I am grateful for the experience because it definitely brought our whole district a lot closer together as we had to rely on each other.

We did however get to go to the devotional Sunday night which was really good. It was an old recording of a devotional the Elder Bednar gave in the prove MTC a few years ago it was really good. We have amazing devotionals here every Sunday and Tuesday night. Devotionals are the best because the whole CCM is together and we get to sing with the whole CCM which is especially powerful in Spanish.

My Spanish is coming a long I still struggle a lot with it, but looking back i have come a long way. I have given a lot of lessons in Spanish and that has really helped. It is amazing to see how when I teach by the spirit although I still struggle with the spanish it comes a lot easier and I am able to say so much more than I would have thought I could have said. The people who have been here for 5 or 6 weeks can speak really well so that gives me a lot of hope, but everyone tells me that they speak the fastest in Chile and it is very different, but there spanish is really beautiful there. I am growing to love the Spanish language and cant wait to speak it better. We just had some Latinas move into our casa and they are so sweet to us. I love being able to practice my spanish with them a little and it has been a huge help having them in our casa.

This week has been so great we have a new teacher who is our first investigator we taught. He is amazing even though he cant speak like any english I learn so much for him. He just cant help but smile all the time. He said that we did really good and he loved our lessons so that was exciting to hear. He is so fun to have as a teacher as he is always so excited about everything he teaches and he gets so excited when we get our spanish right. I am loving it here everything about being here is amazing. There is just such a strong spirit that is constantly here and it is so amazing that it is hard to explain. I am learning so much, but I am also having a ton of fun. My district is amazing and we are constantly laughing and having so much fun together in between study times and sometimes during they are good at making even the hard things fun.

One of our Hermanas is really struggling and may be going home. She is such a strong missionary and we are all praying for her and hope that she can stay. We all would really appreciate it if everyone would prayer for her.

So today I got to go to the Mexico City Temple Visitors Center. The temple is closed due to renovations so we did not get to go in, but the visitor center was so cool and the Mexico City temple is so beautiful. It was so nice to get out of the CCM for a while and to get to see a little bit of Mexico City. Mexico City is a very busy city but it is so beautiful because all the buildings are so colorful. The streets are crazy because everyone drives so close and is really aggressive. One of the couples that went with us were telling us that they have very few accidents and it is crazy because cars don't wait for enough room to go in front of each other. They just poke the front of their car right in front of you so you have to let them go it is crazy. It is really cool though at stop lights there are just people that walk around seeing all sorts of things from newspapers to tamales. They all just run out in front of you when they light turns red and some will come was your car window for you are they do cool tricks like crazy juggling hoping to get a tip. It is really cool. The visitors center is really cool they have a lot of beautiful artwork. They also had a lot of technology stuff you could use to learn about the church. We got to go on a tour and I can definitely see that it is an amazing recourse for the missionaries. They have a Christus there similar to the one at Temple square and it was really cool to just go sit and feel the spirit there and watch as missionaries brought investigators and the investigators eyes would just light up as they were in that room. It was really cool.

This week has been amazing I feel like I have grown so much already. It is crazy I fell like I have been here for years yet it has all flown by so fast. I cant wait to see what next week will bring.

I love you all and you are all in my prayers

Love ya,
Hermana Stringham

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