Monday, December 22, 2014

Week #20

Hey everyone,

Okay so this week was a little bit of a harder week with not as much success! So it was a little long and my letter is a little shorter this week again.

My companion went to the temple this week and had a meeting since she is going home, Thursday. I was with other Hermanas a lot this week, which was fun.  Last week had a great week for numbers and this week our numbers weren’t so great!  We spent a lot of time outside, but it was good as well because we worked really hard. Although we didn’t find anyone new to teach, I know that all of our hard work is going to pay off.  Although the week was a little frustrating, it just helped us to work all that more harder. We also had a lot of fun anyways.  We had our Christmas activity, which was really fun. We played a lot of different sport and ate completos and so it was nice to have a little brake and just have fun with the other missionaries.

Victor still is preparing for his baptism, but he is going to move right after. I am a little nervous about that as well. He forgets things a lot and a member told us that it is because of his dialysis.  So we are a little worried what will happen after he moves, so we are really trying to work hard with him.
Belen and Jonathon are doing alright, but again didn’t go to church. They are talking about getting married, but in a year, so we are really trying to work with them to help them to progress. Please pray for them.

I am going to be in a trio after my companion leaves with Hermana Dana from Argentin and Hermana Aycho from Peru, who only has 2 weeks in the mission.  I am excited to work with them and I am sure it will help my Spanish.  I am just a little nervous because we have to work in both of our sectors and we are in different wards so that will be a little interesting.

I love you all and am so very grateful for your support.

Hermana Stringham

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