Monday, January 5, 2015

Week #23


This week has been a little slower with working in two sectors and it being New years everyone is really busy, and so we had a lot of time in the street, but as well we had a lot of fun.

Victors baptism date fell, as he had a run in the a member and got really offended so right now he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the church.  He still wants to receive us and still is open to baptism, but he says he doesn’t feel comfortable going to a church with that member there. We had to explain to him as missionaries we can’t really do a whole lot about how people act, We just share our lessons and and we explained why it was important to go to church.  He calmed down a lot and said that he was going to church this Sunday, but then he didn’t show up. So I am not sure what we are going to do. It scares me that this is his second baptismal date that is going to fall, and I don’t want him to get baptized for me. I want to make sure that he has a true conversion.  Because of that I have decided with a lot of prayer, that we have to stop teaching him for a little bit and wait to see if he will choose to go to church this week or call us, because  if he has a testimony and a true desire to receive this gospel he will call us.  It has been really hard, but I feel it is for the best.  Please pray for him.

Other than that for new years we had to enter the house at 7 so we had time to just hang out and organize a lot of things which was fun.  I am sorry I don’t have much to share for this week, but I am really excited to see what this next week has to bring as I will find out who my new companion will be Saturday. We have a lot of people that we are going to visit and teach this week that couldn’t receive us until after the holidays. I am just excited to get to work and work really hard this week!  Please pray for us to be able to find new people to teach that are prepared for our message.

I love you all and am grateful for all that you do.

Hermana Stringham

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