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Week #34 * March 23, 2015

Hey everyone!

So this week has been another really good week.  I hope I can get it all in.  First my companion Hermana Makin wrote me and told me that our old sector is doing really good and that Lorena went to church and is progressing really good.  I am so excited about that.

Answers to questions

My new companion is Hermana Squires. She is really good. She has about 5 months in the mission.  She is from Standsberry Utah.  I have enjoyed working with her.   We live with two other missionaries.  Hermana Bishop, that has 3 months in the mission and is from a small town close to Logan. She is really funny and a lot of fun.  Hermana Arellano that is from Mexico and has almost a year in the mission.  She is a lot of fun and lived in the last house and was with some of the people I lived with, so it has been fun sharing memories with her.

Our sector is a big square.  It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the beginning to end in both directions.  We don’t have bikes!!! That is really exciting for me.  The people are not to different from those back home. A few differences is that the work schedules are really weird. Some people work all nightand others all day. It just is random and a lot of them work in other cities really far away. Some in the North of Chile.  We usually walk, but sometimes we take taxis or the bus if we are late.  Oh the other thing is that when the kids grow up here they seem to live with there parents forever. They don’t normally go live outside of the house when they are in college.  The people are just really nice. I love the people here!

The book of Mormon challenge is going really good.  I am a little behind as we haven’t had as much time to read this week with the conference and service projects we had, but I am catching up real fast. I will try and send some more pics I haven’t had time to take any this week but I am going to work on it.

One thing I love about this sector is that we get a lot more service opportunities. In my past sector we didn’t get to do a lot, but here we have been helping the members a lot with things like cleaning houses of members who are pregnant or passing through difficulties.  We went this week with the primary and  cleaned up a park and painted all of the slides and stuff. It was a lot of fun painting with the little kids here. They were so cute and felt so proud after seeing all of their hard work.  The other Hermanas went with a group of elders to help construct a house for a women who basically had nothing, so that was really cool.

This week we had a huge conference with the mission. It was really good.  Hermana Warne talked about Christ and how we need to think about him more in our lives and get to know him more through serving others. President Warne talked a lot about how in order to have a real conversion we need to be helping our investigators to have spiritual experiences outside of there lessons.  Hermana Zabello was a really good speaker. She talked about how we need to see people for who they can become as Christ does, instead of focusing on where they are at.  Elder Zabellos talked a lot about the huge opportunity we have to learn another language, as we are all either learning Spanish or English. And how maintaining the language of our mission will bring a lot of opportunities in the future.  It was a really interesting talk.  I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to learn Spanish. I want to keep it up after my mission so that I can always use it, and so I can always remain in contact with the people I have met in Chile. Learning another language has made scripture study more interesting as well, as some words don’t have exact translations and so the scriptures and sometimes take on different meanings in Spanish.

This week a scripture I really loved is in Mosiah 5:13.   In order to really be able to love someone we need to serve them. Also I was studying in Jacob 5 earlier in the week. I have studied this chapter a lot in my mission and absolutely love it.  I love how it continually says that the Master of the vineyard went and worked with the servant. As members of the church we have the responsibility and grand opportunity to work with the Lord in His vineyard to bring others unto Christ and help those who have strayed away to return.

Okay so just a few of the people we are working with.  This week we had a appointment with Maria Ulga and we went with another member Hermana Silvana. We talked about eh Plan of Salvacion and the member who went with us had a lot of knowledge about the bible and was able to help her a lot with it.  Maria Ulga was really interested especially in finding scriptures in the Bible that talked about the Plan of Salvation.  She is really excited still but says she wants to take things slow.

We are working with a new less active named Hermana Alba who just returned from vacations after 2 months.  She says she wants to return to church and went this Sunday and to all the other church activities we had she is doing really well.  

We have a lot of other less actives that didn’t go to church this week, but are doing really good and really trying to work things out with work and family to return to the church. It really has been amazing working with them and seeing the repentance process first hand and how much they have been willing to give up to return to church!

Sorry I will try and share more about the people next week, but I am running out of time so that is about it for this week I love you all!

Love ya,
Hermana Stringham

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