Monday, August 24, 2015

Week #56 *August 24, 2015

Hey everyone,

It is starting to look a lot like spring here in San Vicente.  The trees are starting the bloom and it has warmed up quite a bit.  It is so beautiful here and the sunsets are just to die for especially in the areas that are more country-sideish with the fields and vines.  I will have to take some pics it is just incredible.  I am just loving being in this beautiful town it is so calm here a big difference from my past sectors.

So this week has been a little slower as a lot of out appointments fell and we spent a whole bunch of time contacting, but we need to find some new investigatros, so that was good anyways.  This week we are planning the Baptism for Marjorie this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited for her and she is just beeming and so excited.  This past week we almost had to change the date as we haven’t been able to visit her because she was really sick, but she is doing a lot better and after talking with her she was so excited for her baptism and doesn’t want to change the date as she has been so looking forward to it.  So she said that she would have this week pretty free and so we could teach her more, as we just have a few more things to teach her.  I am so excited and happy for her in the changes she is making.  I can really see a difference in her eyes and she seems so happy.  The youth have been helping out so much and she just seems like a natural part of the ward.  She is so strong as she is only 17 years old and has very little family support.  Please pray for her so that everything will go well this week.  I feel so nervous as there always seems to be some sort of opposition around baptisms.

Also Andrea is going to be baptized Next Saturday!!!! We were working with her a little bit ago, but she just wasn’t ready so we talked to her about how it needs to be her decision and we stopped teaching her for a while.  Well as she actually lives in the elders area. They started working with her recently and she has decided that she is ready to be baptized so we are really excited for her!

More than anything we are looking for new people to teach, as we don’t have a lot of investigators progressing which is quite an adventure.  I always find it funny all the different responses that people have to us.  A lot of people are really nice, but some can be quite rude and others rather ridiculous in the ways they use to avoid having to talk to us, but more than anything it just makes me and my companion laugh and head the the next house.  I know that the Lord is preparing people for us here that need us we just need to find them.  Please pray for our sector that the people will be a little more open to us this week so we can find more people to share the gospel with.  The gospel truly has the answers to all the problems in life and makes such a huge difference when people accept it in there life. It is just a matter of helping them open up to it.

We have been working with a lot of less actives this week which has been really hard.  Two of them surprised me this week and showed up to church when we were least expecting it, which was awesome.  I am so happy for them. I feel like all our hard work with them is finally paying off!

There has seemed to be a lot of problems between members this week and with past experiences that inactive members shared.  I just wish everyone could get along.  I have really seen just how important personal conversion is this week, because if we are truly converted and we are continually strengthening our testimonies, it won’t matter what happens or what others do because we will stay strong in the testimonies we have to do.  Please don’t forget to do the little things.  Our daily personal study of the Book of Mormon is so important it is what keeps us going strong.  Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ can be really hard.  We all pass through hard times when we are discouraged and when others make it hard to keep going but it is the little things that make us strong and help us to overcome the everyday trials. We all truly can have a big impact on others lives as well. You never no what others might be going through or if they are struggling in their testimonies. If we would all just work on building one another no matter how hard some people can be, we would be a lot stronger as members of the church.

I have been learning so much with my new calling as a coordinadora.  I have truly learned so much from the other Hermanas. I truly love going on splits now and I am so excited to keep learning and getting to know the Hermanas here in this zone. 

Well I am just about out of time, but I love you all and I am so grateful for all you do for me!

Love ya,
Hermana Stringham

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