Monday, July 20, 2015

Week #51 *July 20, 2015

Hey Everyone,

Well I just feel like this week has just flown by!  I am doing great and just loving the mission right now.  I love San Vicente recently. It’s not too country, but it is really calm and everyone (the majority) are very friendly and ya know there is always the occasional horse or goat in the street, which is fun.

Training has been such a good experience for me.  I will be honest it is hard but it has really pushed me to give even more, as I am always thinking of the example I am setting for my companion. It has also given me the opportunity to study everything from the basics and most of all I just love the excitement a spirit that a new missionary brings. My companion is able to pick out all the little things that I have started to take for granted as a missionary.

Andrea-  So we are really struggling with Andrea. Our last lesson she didn’t really pay attention and was playing on  her phone.  I am worried she is just listening to us for her parents and we really aren’t sure what to do with her.  We are thinking about stopping teaching her and giving her some time to just decide what she really wants.  Please pray for her!

Familia Huerta-  They are still doing pretty good but they are struggling to understand a few things about the church and they still haven’t gone to church yet. We are really working with them to help them understand the Restoration. We are really excited to work with them this week as they said they were going to try to have all three of their kids there.

Familia Fuentes-  they are a family of less actives we have been woking with a long time.  They had been really struggling with being able to go to church on Sundays, but we have been focusing a lot on the temple.  I was so happy as last week and this week they showed up to church and they seemed so happy and the Husband talked to us and informed us that he talked to his wife and he made her a promise that he wasn’t going to work anymore Sundays, so they can go to church.  I am so happy for them.  We are just working with them now to go to the temple, but he is working to quite smoking first which has been a real struggle for him, but I know that things are going to start to look up for them as they are going to church again.

Well other than that we are working with a few other people, but the biggest struggle has just been getting them to go to church.  We have also received a few references this week. I am really excited to see how that goes, as reference always go so much better as they immediately have a friend in the church and a member in the lesson.

This week we were waiting outside the church because we were doing an english class that we do every Saturday, but as everyone is in vacations no one showed up. Just then passed by two older women who we invited to come see the church and they quickly agreed we were able to do a quick tour of the church and explain a little bit of the Restoration. It seemed to be exactly what they needed and they had the best questions and now one of them is wanting to receive us.  So we are really excited to see how that goes.  We almost left the church but we decided to wait just a little longer and I am so glad that we did as those two women were so prepared.

We also got a new mission lider this week and he is so excited.  He is a convert and younger and so he has a lot of energy and desire to do the work. 

I am so excited to just get working this week as I feel we have so much potential.  I know that the Lord is always preparing people for us and we are starting to see that a lot.  I love being a missionary so much and I am so grateful for all the support back home!

Love ya all,
Hermana Stringham

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