Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #49 *July 6, 2015

Hey everyone,

This week has been a truly amazing week full of a lot of changes.  First of all the elders came and repaired our water heater this week, so WE FINALLY HAVE HOT WATER.  I had gotten used to it,  but after being able to shower with hot water in a normal shower, I feel so very grateful for hot showers.  As small as it might seem it has made a big difference and has been a huge blessing this week.

This week was the finals of the American Cup, and so Friday we were in the house almost the whole day, as Chile made it to the finals and WON!!!  Everyone was so excited they drove around honking their horns and celebrating almost the whole night it was really crazy

Well this week I got my new companion who just got to the mission.  Her name is Hermana Diaz and she is from Buenos Aires Argentina.  I love working with her.  She is so sweet and has all the energy and excitement to get working.  I was so nervous to train and I am still am, but I feel a lot better about it now.  I am actually loving training. It is crazy how much I have learned. Teaching everything makes me realize just how many things there are to learn and how far I have come in my mission.  Also Chilean Spanish and Argentine Spanish have a lot of words that are different and of course the accent is very different. I would have never have thought that they would be so different, as they are both so close to each other but they are.  I feel so blessed this week as we have seen so many miracles and I  feel more confident teaching and contacting then ever before.  I truly feel that the Lord is qualifying me for this responsibility, because I know that I could not do this alone.  The beginning of the mission is hard and it has been a hard adjustment for my companion.  I am just trying to work really hard to support her and be the best example as I can be!

This past Sunday was fast Sunday and it was a truly special meeting a lot of members and kids got up and shared such powerful testimonies.  One of our last actives, Camila, went to church and we were so excited we taught her during the week and her Mom and sister where both there, which never happens. They are all inactive, but we taught about the restoration and had them share their experiences of when they were baptized and the spirit was so strong and Camila and her sister Daniela both want to come back to the church. So we will be working with them a lot this week.  Also Andrea came to church. We have been working a lot more with her this week and she is a lot more open and this week we talked a lot about baptism and she said that she is going to pray this week as she still is a little unsure. But she thinks she is ready, so we invited her to pray specifically about baptism this week so we are really excited to go back and see how that went. This week our whole branch fasted for rain, as it has been really dry here and they really needed rain and it was amazing because it rained all day Sunday, which was a huge blessing for them (harder for the missionaries) but we were so excited as a lot of them work in the fields and it has been a really dry winter.

Paola and Maria Paz have been really hard to find and they didn’t come to church this week. Please pray for them as they were progressing really well and we really don’t want to loose them.

This week we also found a new family.  The familia Juarta.  They have listened to the missionaries many times and I found their lesson records and so we decided to pass by late one night. They told us how the missionaries always seem to pass in exactly the right moment, but they never decided to be baptized because they don’t feel it is necessary.  We taught them about the restoration and explained why it is important to pray to know if this is the true church. After talking for a while, it finally clicked for them. They said that they had never really took it all that seriously and they feel that maybe God keeps sending the missionaries so they will accept the message and so they agreed to pray and we are going to go back and visit them this weekend. They are such a cute family and we are so excited to work with them.

We are working with a few others as well, but I will share about them more next week, as I don’t have time to talk about them all.  It was truly a great week.  We are just working really hard and we have seen a lot of blessing and miracles this week.  

Love ya,
Hermana Stringham

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