Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week #41 *May 11, 2015

Hey everyone,

It was so exciting seeing all of your faces and hear all of your voices yesterday.  Everyone looks so good.  The kiddos are all growing up so fast it is crazy.  

Well this past week has been a little long, as the majority of the week I spent in the house with a sick companion. My poor companion, who isn’t used to cold weather, went to conti for divisions and came back with some sort of virus which she shared with the rest of us. Sadly we are just starting with it now after being in the house the majority of the week.  Also we got to see what Chilean hospitals are like.  Wednesday my companion started to have really bad sharp stomach pains about every two minutes. I started to worry and tried calling the nurse in the mission who was hard to get a hold of.  She had my companion take some things and had us wait an hour, but after an hour my companion was still in a lot of pain so they told us to take her in and so we called the elders to come give her a blessing first and found a member who could take us to the nearby hospital.  When we got there, as it always seems to work out, my companion started to fill a lot better.  They gave her some sort of IV to help relax her stomach and said that it was probably just a mix of the virus and the because she has gastritis.  I am so grateful for the priesthood in our lives my companion almost immediately started to feel better after the blessing and we were able to go back to work the next day  The hospital here seems to be pretty good seems like whatever hospital back at home. But don’t worry we don’t plan on returning back.

Well because we were in the house most of the week, I don’t have to much to share. But at the beginning of the week we had divisions I was with Hermana de los Santos and we had a really good day.  After spending a lot of time in the streets the last week, I was just praying that we would be able to have some more lessons in our divisions and we ended up with 6 lessons, which is a really good day. We taught a young girl named Nicol that we had met a couple weeks ago we had a really powerful lesson with her and she seemed to really understand. She told us that if she receives the answer she is looking for, then she would like to be baptized.  She has 3 other sisters as well that we met but weren’t there this day.  They go faithfully to a christian church but are still really open to listening to us.  We are really excited to see were that goes.

We also were able to find a inactive member when we were contacting. She is the only member in her family and stopped going to church when she got married, but she is willing to receive us and her daughter Catalina is interested in listening to our message.

Other than that we are working with a lot of less actives and a lot of the same people.  It was a harder week as no one, other than our converts that we are working with went to church.  We are just excited to get back working hard and to help them get to church this week and I think we are going to have to stop teaching some of our less actives, that are going to church or progressing really well. 

I love ya all so much!
Hermana Stringham

Questions & Answers:

What did you do while your companion was too sick to go out?
Cleaned the house wrote letters organized but most of the time 
I watched church movies with my sick companion, who couldn’t sleep. 
It was boring!!!!!

How is your companion doing?
Better, as long as she doesn’t eat much. But now the rest of us have the virus, but it isn’t too bad and we can still work. Just lame that I didn’t get it while we were in the house. I think ill get over it fast. Its honestly not that bad. I think it just hit my companion bad because she has also never been in cold weather like this before.  

How is the weather right now?
It’s pretty cold, but not wet yet. But for my companion who is used to year round surfing weather with rain for a couple weeks in the year, it has hit her pretty hard.
it should be cold as it is further south, but today is really warm. Its almost t-shirt weather but the past week was really cold its like Utah in the fall or spring when it is changing season. One day is really cold and then warm and you never really know what to expect.

I love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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