Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #46 *June 15, 2015

Hey Everyone,

Well, I don’t have a whole lot of time as sending pictures was really slow this week and I don’t have a whole bunch.  This week we have had a lot of service opportunities. We set up a bunch of tables for a charity bingo thing they are doing here, which was fun to go out an help.  I also got to go on divisions in San Fernando again, but this time with Hermana Aizama, from Argentina. It is always fun to work with a different companion and in a different sector for the day to be able to learn some new things.  

Someone egged our house this week, but just with one egg, which was a big surprise, as the neighbor kids all love us and beg us to teach them english. It was probably just some teenagers messing around, it was just a nice surprise to get home to.  

Also this week in our ward council they ended up talking about how a Hermana has an addiction to candy crush and everyone started talking  about how addicting that game is.  Me and my companion were trying so hard not to laugh, as our council turned into a candy crush addiction confession. They discussed how one hermana wasn’t going to church, because she was staying up late playing candy crush.  I found it really interesting. It just goes to show that games on our phones can really be a huge waste of time and become really addicting! 

Other than that we are just working really hard to find new people to teach, as a lot of those that we are teaching aren’t progressing. We have a lot of plans for tracting this week and I am just ready to get working really hard. I know our hard work will come through.  We are working a lot to strengthen the members this week as well, by seeing how they are doing in their Book of Mormon reading. As I know that will make a huge difference in this branch, especially since so far none of them are reading every day.  It is the first thing we always stop doing, but it is so important.  It just takes about 5 to 10 minutes to read a chapter each day and it can make such a huge difference in our lives. I invite you if you are not reading every day to make a goal to at least read a little bit each day. It is so important and makes a huge difference in our lives.

Sorry for the short letter. I swear I will write more next week and send more pictures time has just flown by this week.

Love ya,
Hermana Stringham

About the area:

How is this area different from the others you have served in?
Its a whole lot smaller and the people a nicer. It is a lot calmer here. I think like we have to stay in every american cup soccer game they play in for safety, but not a lot seems to go on here. Kids are always in the streets without their parents and it seems to be just fine.  There are a lot of parks here with like exercise equipment and playgrounds.

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