Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #47 *June 22, 2015

Hey everyone,

Well this week has passed by really fast and hasn’t been super eventful, so sorry ahead of time, but this might be a kind of short letter.

We have had to stop teaching a lot of people this week who weren’t progressing and we are really just trying to concentrate all of our efforts in contacting and looking for new people to teach as we know that is what we really need.  This week in our District meeting we talked about how the Lord is always preparing people for us and how we just have to put in our part to find them.  I know that is true and we are working so hard and praying hard to be able to find those people right now.  Please pray for the people in our sector so they will be more open to receiving us and so we can find new people to share the gospel with.  

Because of the American Cup going on here, we have had to be inside a little more, as we have to be in early every night that Chile plays. So that has limited our working time a little bit, but it is fun to see all the excitement over the games, even though it is hard to teach right now as there are different games every night and it seems like every house constantly has the tv on watching the game.

This week we had a fathers day activity in our branch and we did a dinner for all the men in the ward. It was a lot of fun helping out and it turned out really good.  They talked about the importance the Father has in the family and also about our Heavenly Father and all he does for us.  We watched a mormon message called Earthly Father, Heavenly Father, which was really good and I would invite you to see it.   It relates the role of a father to  Heavenly Father and helps us understand a little bit better all our Heavenly Father does for us.

We are still working with Paola and Maria Paz, but they have been really busy and hard to get to and didn’t make it to church this Sunday.  I feel like they are so ready, but satan is working so hard to make it so they don’t receive the gospel. Please pray for them. We have an appointment with them tonight and we are going to put a baptism date with them, so we are really hoping it all works out good. 

Well that is pretty much it for this week!

Love ya,
Hermana Stringham

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