Monday, September 21, 2015

Week #60 *September 21, 2015

Hey everyone,

Well this week has gone by so crazy fast and I can’t believe that this transfer is coming to an end.  We received transfers this week and I will be going to Curico, to a big ward. So thats will be a really big change.  I am so sad to be leaving San Vicente and Hermana Diaz.  I have truly loved it here so much and I love working with Hermana Diaz, but I am also excited to see what new things are to come.

This week was honestly the best way to end the cambio.  It was 18 September, which is independence day here.  San Vicente is the place to be for 18. They had a huge fair that lasted three days. They had all sorts of rides, games, food, and booths. It was crazy too see how much construction and work they put into it.  They went all out.  We could hear the music and everyone at the fair all night long for the past few days.

In our branch we had a party where we ate empanadas and bbq. Also we were able to borrow some of the traditional dance dresses, although of course we couldn’t dance.  The members played games and danced cueca, which is the traditional dance here. I will send a video.  It was so fun.  Although we weren’t able to work a lot for the past few days with the holiday since no one really wanted to listen to us, so we were able to visit a few members and eat even more amazing food.  I will send a bunch of pictures.

This week we also had zone conference.  It was really good. It was really focused in making goals and how we can use goal making to have more success in the mission and life.  There was a quote that I don’t remember who was by, that said something if we don’t make goals in the future we will look back and see that we didn’t meet our potential.  So my invitation this week is that you can take some time and make a specific goal in something you would like to improve in the gospel.

I had to give a 20 minute talk about goal making with Recent converts and I talked a lot about helping our converts make it to the temple which turned out alright.  Also I had to give another surprise talk in church this week, which I must say didn’t turn out too bad, considering.  I am so grateful for the Spirit, as I know I couldn’t have given either of my talks without it.  In the moment I didn’t really have anything prepared, so I quickly took out some scriptures I had read in the moment and just went with it and the Spirit did the rest.

This week even with all the stuff going on with 18, we were able to find a whole bunch of new people and I am so excited to hear how it goes with the hermanas.  I am so happy  to know that I will be leaving the sector with a lot of potential for my companion and the new hermana.

Well that is pretty much it for this week. 

Love ya all,
Herman Stringham

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