Monday, October 5, 2015

Week #62 *October 5, 2015

Conferencia General

Wow! So this week has just been so packed full of the spirit, and I have learned so much as we had our leadership meeting this week and General Conference. It just cant get better than that.

Well so first of this week in our leadership meeting. They talked all about the temple and focusing in the temple.  We are just so blessed to have a temple so close to home and we should be going often.  After over a year without being able to go to the temple, I miss it there so much, but I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to help others to make it there.  We talked in our conference about how the real goal is to get the people here to the temple and to endure to the end, not only baptism. They also talked about always being temple worthy and having a current temple recommend.  I invite all of you to make a goal to go more often to the temple.  Before my mission I made a goal to go every week and looking back now it was one of the most vital parts of preparing me for the mission.  It gave me the spiritual strength I needed and more than that some of my most cherished and sacred memories are from those special mornings I spent in the temple.  Set a goal to go more often and consistently. You won’t regret it.

This week we had a special lesson with Loreto about temples. A sister came with us to the lesson and shared a very special experience she had doing the work for one of her ancestors.  Loreto is so excited to be baptized so that she can go to the temple.  She is just so amazing she has been reading so much and studying. She has such a strong desire to learn and to make it to the temple.  She has a little girl who is 6 years old and she is just so cute.  She lives with her parents on the weekend who are members of another church and aren’t very supportive of her decision to be baptized.  I am just so amazed by her strong desire to be baptized, not just for herself but for her ancestors.  Seriously she is just so awesome and the spirit was so strong in that lesson as she shared her desire to go to the temple.

Our other baptism date with Alejandra is also going pretty well.  Her family is just so happy, as her husband is a member who just returned to the church and his daughter Nicol is a recent convert. They are seriously the cutest family. They seem like a normal active family.  Every just keeps telling me that it is a miracle that Alerjandra is getting baptized, as she has been going to church for a very long time but never made it to the baptism point.  I just see her beaming now as she has made that choice.  She has been struggling with a few concepts that are harder for her to follow, but she has such a strong desire to be baptized.  Please pray for her so she can overcome her challenges in the gospel.

Okay, so I don’t have a whole lot of time left, but I just wanted to talk a bit about conference as it was just so amazing.  Every conference just seems to get better but I guess it is just because as my mission president says, we are more prepared to listen each time.  Conference in the mission has just been one of the most amazing things as the perspective as a missionary is just so different. I love it! I fell like I just soak it all in so much.  Each conference I try to go with a couple questions and this conference I did the same, and the Lord gave me an answer to every one of my questions.  At the end of conference I was able to look over my notes again and makes some goals, I would invite you to do so as well if you have not already done so.  I just want to share one of my goals with you.  I feel like this conference gave a lot of ideas of how we can strive to be better people.  Taking from several of the talks I want to set a new goal to take some time each Sunday to self reflect and as in pray as Larry R. Lawerence suggested, “What lack I yet?” and from that choose a scripture that will help me to better in that area. To Ponderize as Devin G. Durrant taught.

 Well I am just about running out of time and there is so much that I want to share but I will just have to share a thought from my favorite talk which was by Elder Uchtdorf, in his talk about happiness as He said God didn’t design us top be sad.  He created us to have joy.  I know that our Heavenly father loves us He sent us to the earth to grow and to be happy.  We may pass for hard times but we must learn to make the best of each moment and learn to enjoy the ride.

Well I got to go, but I invited those who weren’t able to see all the sessions to go do so as soon as possible as they were amazing

Love ya 
Hermana Stringham

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