Monday, December 21, 2015

Week #73 *December 21, 2015

Hey Everyone,

I hope that you all have a great Christmas this week.  We are getting really excited as we have had a lot of members invite us over and we have a lot of plans so that is going to be fun.  The members are just so awesome here.  I still don’t really feel like it is Christmas though, as it is blazing hot here right now.  

So this week has been awesome.  I have just loved working in my new sector as we have a lot of great people we are working with some of which I had already met on split with Hermana Bishop and honestly it has just been a blast with Hermana Bishop. She is from Arizona and is just a lot of fun. We basically pass the whole day laughing and it has just made the work so fun.

What is awesome about being in the same ward is that I am still able to see the people that I was working with in my whole sector on Sundays.  Sonia is doing really good with the Hermanas. She came to church on Sunday again and she was just all smiles and the Hermanas set a baptism date with her for 10 of January, so I am just so excited for her and that I am going to get to be there even if I can’t keep teaching her.  This week we had a lesson with one of our investigators, Camila, she is just so awesome and knows that this gospel has the power to change her life. She is just scared because she will have to get married first and make a lot of changes.  The hermanas had been working with her for a long time and she had never came to church because they go out of town on the weekends but she finally came this Sunday. It was so awesome and we were so excited for her.

We are working with a Family that have been coming for a while, so I already new them.  The wife Jeanyra is less active and returning to the church and her husband Marcelo is investigating.  They have 2 little kids and they are just so awesome.  Seriously that are doing so great.  The just have one challenge which is that they aren’t married yet, but we are helping them with that.  Marcelo told us this week that he loves the church and he knows that he is going to get baptized but he just wants to make sure that he is sure first because it is a big decision. He had a job interview this week and the guy asked if he was mormon and he said yes. It was so funny to hear that.  He just is loving learning more about the gospel and has been studying a lot and watching a lot of church movies it is amazing the change that has happened in him, because I remember when I first got here the sisters had told me that they were teaching Jeanyra and having a hard time because the husband didn’t like them passing by, but now he loves it and is participating.  I am just so happy for them.

We are working with another family as well. The parents David and Ingrid have been investigating the church for a long time but aren’t married so they never could get baptized, but now they are a lot closer to their goal of getting married.  We had a great lesson with them and the elders the other day, as the elders came to give ingrid a blessing.  David told us that he actually had a dream that he was baptized and they both want that, but they first need to get married but for some legal matters have to wait about a month more so please pray for them.

Oh ya we had a awesome experience this week.  We decided to pass by a less active reference that wasn’t even in our plans nor was it the hour that we were told to go by, but we felt that we should so we went and we met the references wife Jazmin. She isn’t a member and so we asked if we could share a Christmas video with her and we entered and just started to talk with her and she was way nice and opened up a ton and started to cry.  She just kept saying that she didn’t know why she was crying but she just felt something and so we explained that it was the spirit that she was feeling.  She feels like she has distanced herself from God and she wants to draw closer to him and she recognized that He sent us. We have an appointment with her and her husband this week and we are just so excited because she is just so opened and prepared for this message.

This week we also had our ward Christmas activity which was a blast. We did a Chrismtas desert cook off and it turned out pretty great.
 Well that is pretty much it for this week I will see you all on Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya,
Hermana Stringham

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