Monday, December 28, 2015

Week #74 *December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone,

It was so good talking to the whole family on Christmas and seeing just how much everyone has grown up. 

This week has been an amazing week as the Christmas spirit has just been so strong, although I must admit it is just not Christmas really when it is burning hot outside.   

Christmas was a blast. In the morning of Christmas eve we went Christmas caroling with the primary which was so special.  We felt prompted to go to several houses of members, who are passing for a hard time and they just loved hearing the primary kids sing. So that was just so special.

After that we had such a tender mercy because we had been invited over with a family in the ward, but when they found out how early we had to be home it didn’t work for them and so we were a little disappointed and worried as we weren’t going to have anywhere to go on Christmas and no one was going to want to receive us. But our sweet Bishop overheard us talking on the phone and immediately asked what happened and without hesitating told us to come over to his house.  We had a great time and it was so sweet of them to allow us over and she just how hard they worked to make it a special night for us even last minute.

On Christmas we spend the majority of the day at Marcelo and Jeanyras house, where we did skype. It was a lot of fun as we were able to just talk with them and get to know them better and play with their cute little kids.   It was a really special Christmas. One that I will never forget.

This week we also had a lesson with Jeanyra and Marcelo, which went awesome. We taught them about the plan of salvation and Marcelo had a ton of questions.  He asks a lot of really good questions and just has such a strong desire to know these things for himself.  He still doesn’t want to commit to baptism or marriage as he says that he wants to make sure that he gets his answer first, because if he gets baptized he doesn’t want to just go inactive.  Please pray for him as he keeps praying for his answer.

So I think  I told you about Jazmin last week. We were able to go back this week and teach their whole family. They have 2 kids. One who is 10 and the other 4 and they are so awesome. They both broke down as we taught about the restoration and shared a lot with us.  Erick her husband is awesome.  He has been less active for like 14 years, since he was really young. But recently feels like he needs to return to the church, but is just embarrassed, as he needs to change a lot of things. Jamin loved it and said that she really wants to learn more and feels so good and feels like this is what she needs in her life right now.  We invited her and her daughter Coni to baptism and they both accepted, but Jazmin didn’t want a date yet, but her daughter coni said yes and Jazmin said that she would support her in that. So we are really excited to work with them.

This Sunday  Macarena, one of the hermanas less actives came to church. I think I told you about her right.  Anyways we had worked with her so much and she never came, but she finally came this Sunday and so I was so excited.  It is so awesome being in the same ward still, as I see the fruits of our hard work paying off and I can still see all of these people I love.

Oh, also we had a huge miracle this week on Saturday. We had a day full of really really important appointments and every single one of them canceled which was frustrating, but we decided to just take a moment and pray because their had to be a reason why the appointments fell.  Well I kept getting the impression that we needed to contact and so even though it was blazing hot we went contacting and we got to the first house and it was obvious that they were home but no one came out and so we started to leave when we both felt like we needed to stay so we stayed and waited a long time and finally a 19 year old girl came out and immediately brought out two chairs and started chatting with us as they had company over inside.  Her name is Gabriela and she is from Venezuela.  We just chatted with her and she opened up so much to us and in the end asked us to come by another day because she felt something different, that felt good to her.  We are so excited she is so awesome.  She thanked us because she said it was the first time that she was able to talk to someone about Religion and her feelings without feeling attacked and she felt like we really cared for her.  She is so special and we are so stoked to start teaching her.

I hope you all have a great new years. We are so excited for this week as with Christmas coming to an end we will be able to work more. I cant wait to see what this week has to bring.

I love ya, all!
Hermana Stringham

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