Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #69 *November 23, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Hey so this week has been awesome.  We just got back from our zone activity, that I planned with the other sisters.  It was a huge success we did a Thanksgiving complete with a turkey and everything.  Everyone pitched in and it was awesome. I will send pics.

So I forgot to tell you but a few weeks ago President Warne invited us to read the Book of Mormon again before the end of January, so I have been very busy reading each day as I want to finish it all before I finish the mission(wow that is so crazy).  It has been a huge blessings and even though I am reading really fast. It has been a fun perspective and as always I have picked out different things that I didn't notice last time.

So this week we had an awesome conference with President and Hermana Wilhelm right before they left.  They talked a lot about the power and authority that we have as missionaries and how when we are inviting people to do things it is really Jesus Christ who is extending the invitation. That has really stuck with me through out the week and I have been able to express that to some of our investigators.  I know that this is truly His work and everything with invite the people to do really comes from Him.  That has given me a new outlook this week.  They also talked about how fast the mission goes and how important it is to make every moment count and that is just what I am trying to do with these last few months.

This week we had to go to Rancagua to get my companions visa and it turned out to be just about the longest craziest, but most miraculous day ever.  First off a few weeks ago my mission manual with my Chilean Id went missing and that day I had got a hold of the last place were I thought it could be and the member told me it wasn’t there and so naturally I started to worry a little, as I need that especially where I will be coming home in a few months... well there comes the first miracle. We met up with a bunch of missionaries when a Hermana came up to me to tell me that she had found my mission manual in her house.  (I have never been there and their apartment is 2 hours away from ours).  So that was a huge miracle that I was praying for.  Next we had to go to the chilean FBI to be able to receive some papers for my companions carnet and after waiting for a long while they informed us that they would not be able to attend us until Monday.  After having walked for a half hour to get there and traveling 2 hours in bus and paying for the ticket you can imagine that we were a little more than frustrated, but my companion with her awesome negotiating skills some how convinced them into receiving us today even though no one else could so that was another miracle......Then we had to go to another place to get fingerprinting and pics taken for my companions ID..well it just so happens that they next day passport prices where going to double so the place was soo full that even though they had given us a number they asked us to come back the next day. We decided to stay anyways and we were blessed again as others decided to leave and we were able to stay in line even though it took several hours.  From there we had to go to the mission office to take some papers and we got a bit lost as none of us had never been in that part of Rancagua, but we found a awesome guy from China who had a GPS in his phone and kindly agreed to take us there and we were able to give a church tour and all.

  Lets  just say that we were relived when we got to the bus station to head home, but we ran into even more problems as it was a weekend there wasn’t any busses for another 2 hours so we were stuck waiting and had so we decided to get a bite to eat and talk to some people to take advantage of the time as we hadn’t really eaten much all day.  Well this is where the worst thing happens, our bus came late but sadly we were contacting a girl so when we noticed that the bus came we quickly finished the contact but not quick enough as the bus came in and left immediately and we missed our bus. At this point we started to fill real dumb and to panic we went to talk to the bus company who informed us that there wouldn’t be anymore busses that night and we had lost our money on that bus.  I was about to give up and call the mission office and stay in Rancagua that night but my companion did not want to give up yet so she went to a completely different bus company and explained our situation where we found the biggest tender mercy.  The kind man felt bad for us and told us that he was going to try and help us.  He talked to a friend and told us that they were going to let us go on their bus that would pass through Curico but we would have to go standing up and even better he wasn’t going to charge us.  It was a huge tender mercy they dropped us off on their way more south on the freeway and we walked until we found a taxi that took us to the house and in the end it all worked out.  I just felt so blessed our little trip that was supposed to have us home in the afternoon turned into an all day adventure.  We left at 7 in the morning and got back at 9. We saw so many miracles and honestly felt a little dumb for missing our bus, but Heavenly Father protected us and we just cant stop laughing at everything that happened.

So Alejandra and her family are doing so good.  She had her interview this week and it went so well.  We weren’t able to go as we were stuck in Rancagua that day but the other Sisters went to support her and so it all worked out. She called us right after and we went by to visit her when she got home we are just so excited for her.

This week we met a new investigator named Belen. She is a reference from the Elders and she came to English class and instantly accepted our invite to go to church and came the next day so that was awesome we were really excited to teach her.

We have been working with a return missionary Coti, who came home early from her mission. She has been struggling a lot and has gone through a ton of difficult things, but she is returning to church and it has been so amazing to see the power of the atonement.

It has been so amazing working in this ward with my companion it is an awesome ward and my companion is so great I am just loving it hear.

Love ya,
Hermana Stringham

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