Monday, November 30, 2015

Week #70 *November 30, 2015

Hey Everyone,

So this week has just been so awesome.  Yesterday was Alejandra`s baptism and it was just such a special day.  She was just so happy. You could see the glow on her face.  Seeing their whole family was just so amazing as her daughter Nicol was baptized 6 months ago and her husband recently returned to the church as well.  Nicol came in a skirt for the first time, as she doesn’t like skirts but she knew it was important for her Mom. It just made me so happy to see them all so dressed up and to be able to see Jorge baptize his wife. As it was ward conference, the bishop gave a combined class about sacrificing to make it to the temple and in the moment I looked over at them and saw Jorge reach over and take his wife’s hand and they both just smiled at each other. It was a very special moment as the now are one step closer to making it to the temple in a year to be sealed together as a family. I am just so happy for them.  Nicol their daughter who is like my closest friend here, also gave the closing prayer. She is 23 but she is really shy so that was big for her and she just had tears of happiness the whole time on her face.  She was so excited to finally see her Mom be baptized.  After the baptism the Bishop came up to us and said that he had had a special experience.  He told us that outside of his mission he had never had an experience so strong in a baptism before.  He had felt a strong spirit that family members of Alejandra were present in that baptism cheering on excitement knowing that she had made that first step and now would be able to do the work for them to receive the same ordinances.  I am so grateful that the Lord has blessed me to be a part of this experience with the family Escarate. They have become like family to me these past few months and I am just so happy for them.

This week we had our leadership meeting so I was able to see President and Hermana Warne. It is so nice having them back in the mission.  We had the most amazing meeting that left me so excited to get back to work.  One thing I like that President said is that there is a power that comes with inviting. As missionaries we will always have success if we just invite, no matter the response.  That really stuck out to me and made me want to go out and invite everyone to follow Christ as it is true. There is just such a special spirit that comes when we invite the people to do things. Oh and after Hermana Warne made thanksgiving dinner which was sooo good.

We had another investigator Yazna come to church this Sunday with her boyfriend and son.  Her cousin is from our ward and is serving a mission and so she decided she wanted to hear more about what her cousin is sharing.  She is a young mom and it has been so fun working with her.

We have also been working a lot with endowed members who don’t have a current reccomend, as our bishop has passed us some names and with inactive youth who are coming upon the mission age and that has been a huge success and we are excited to keep working with the bishop on that. It has been amazing working more with the members focusing on the temple. It is just so important to always have a current temple reccomend.  One of the families we are working with that, from the list of youth close to mission age, all came to chruch this week and we were so excited.  Their kids love going and always pull out their scriptures right when we get their it is so sweet. Their youngest ran up to the bench we were sitting at during church with a huge smile on his face informing us that his whole family came to church.  So we are excited to work with them more as well.

For time I just wanted to share one more experience.  We are working with a new Investigator Sonia whose husband has recently passed away.  It has ben so amazing working with her.  She told us that she has felt such a strong difference in her life as we have been teaching her and she truly feels that what we are teaching is true and has a huge desire to follow it.  She just has made the most amazing comments of spiritual experiences she has had.  It is clear that the Lord is preparing her for this message and I have no doubt that Her husband on the other side is pushing a lot for her to be able to receive the gospel at this time.  We are so excited to work more with her.

I love you all and I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving.  I just feel so blessed to be able to be a missionary during this time to be able to share this glorious message with people everyday.

I love you all,
Hermana Stringham

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