Monday, January 4, 2016

Week #75 *January 4, 2015

Hey Everyone,

So this week has just been another amazing week here in Curico.  I am just loving working in this sector with Hermana Bishop. Seriously our sector is doing so good, and Hermana Bishop well she is just awesome she is such a blessing to have as my companion.

Our sector is doing amazingly well.  So Jazmin and Erik are doing so well. We went on Saturday and taught them the plan of salvation and we invited Jazmin to be baptized on the 24th and she said yes without hesitating and then they all came to church and loved it they already downloaded the church app and wanted to new manuals to be able to prepare for the lessons each week. They are just golden I am so excited to work with this family they are just so prepared and the spirit is just so strong in every lesson.  

Marcelo is doing pretty good he keeps asking really good questions and the Elders went by last night and they told us that he said the closing pray and asked God if getting married and baptized really is the right way to go.  They are so awesome.

It has been so amazing. Actually working with families in this sector is just such a huge difference because they are all together and they are more motivated as they all have the goal from the start to be sealed in the temple. Oh I just feel so blessed to be a part of all of this.

This week we had an awesome lesson with Fabiola, one of our investigators. We went with a member and it went really well. Then Fabiola told us that she has been searching all over for the true church and nothing has filled her and she feels like this actually fills her.  We read in the Book of Mormon and she just asked, “why doesn’t anyone else have this?” And she suddenly realized why. It is just so important, the work we are doing, and so we invited her to be baptzied on the 24th as well and she said yes and promised to come to church, but she never came. So please pray for her as she really struggles with making it to church on Sunday.

Gabriela is also doing pretty well she gets really emotional every lesson and comitted to being baptized but without a date.  She struggles a lot to feel worthy to pray and she is scared to go to church because her parents will make fun of her so she could really use your prayers as well.

We have another couple we are working with named Carla and Gustavo. They are awesome and have a ton of interest and want to be baptized, because they say that they feel like it all just makes sense. But they struggle going to church due to their busy lives. We taught about the commandment of the Sabbath day and they understood a lot better and comitted to come. But they also didn’t show up, so please pray for them.

Well that is about it. I am just loving the people here and working with them. Oh also on New Years day we went contacting in the morning because there was nothing else to do and as I was on divisions I forgot sunscreen. It is burning hot here and lets just say that I just burnt my back and the rest of me so that was fun hahaha.

Also I forgot to tell you that I will be going to the temple tommorrow! I am so excited. I miss the temple so much and I have never been to the temple in Chile.  We only get to go one time in the mission right before we go home, so I am just so stoked.

Well that is about it but, I love ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya,
Hermana Stringham

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