Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week #76 *January 11, 2016

One of the most amazing weeks

Hey Everyone,

Wow this week has been just one full of amazing things and I don’t have a ton of time so I hope I can get to everything.

First of we started the week off in an amazing way, as I go to the temple.  The temple here in Chile was absolutely beautiful and it just felt like coming home after soo long.  We are so blessed to have a temple close by to get to go whenever you want.  We take it so much for granted. I just want to go back as much as I can when I get home.

When I was in the temple waiting, I was able to finish the Book of Mormon as my mission President had challenged us to read it .  It was a very special experience this time and I was newly assured of the truth of the Book of Mormon. It is such a powerful book and I am loving reading it again. Each time I just feel like I have a completely different perspective.

So this week we put 4 baptismal dates with a family. They didn’t come to church and have a lot of changes to make, but the have the desire to change. Their names are Vasna Michele Valentina and Nicolas. They are really special but need a lot of help please pray for them.

Right now we are teaching the most amazing family, Jazmin and Erik, that I told you about. Wow we went by this week to teach the word of wisdom and they instantly accepted it. In fact Jazmin said she really feels like it is true and she immediately went to the store after to buy some other types of drinks they can drink instead of tea and coffee. She is awesome.  Last night we went by to teach about the law of chastity and they aren’t actually married. So it may have come to a surprise to them that they need to get married, but the agreed and they are going to talk about it,  but they still want to be ready for that date and their kids were cheering them on to get married too. So that was cute. They told us we can be the witnesses at their wedding so that is really exciting.  They are just flourishing in the ward making friends. Their daughter Coni is already in 2nd Nephi after one week and is only ten years old.  Each time we go buy she has a new scripture she wants to share with us.  I just can’t explain the spirit that is in the lessons with this family they are so amazing and I love them so much please pray for them.   Erick is a less active and he is trying to give up smoking. He hasn’t smoke for 3 days and is praying a lot so please pray for him.  my companion and I are both giving something up with him.  My companion is trying to stop biting her nails and I have given up all sweets and sugar up to the baptism date with the sugar and honeslty it has been hard, but it has been so special doing it with him.  the baptism is on the 24th with Jazmin and Coni, my last Sunday here and they are just so excited, but we still have a lot to teach so we could really use your prayers.

Wow so I am running out of time, so  just to sum things up we had 7 investigators in the church, which was a huge miracle I will tell you more about them next week.    They are Marcelo which I have told you about, Fabiola and Carolina and Carla and Gustavo. So pray for them as well.  Today we went to 7 tazas to visit some water fall. It is so beautiful here in the mountains I will have to send pics   Well I am just about out of time, so I love you all so much and I will share more with you next week.

Love ya,
Hermana Stringham     

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