Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week #29 * February 16, 2015

This week has been so amazing!

Okay so this week has been so amazing and crazy busy.  We worked really hard getting everything ready for the baptism this Saturday, as we still had more to teach Javier before and a lot of plans to do.  It was amazing to see it all come together as there was a lot of opposition.  We didn’t have any oposición in teaching Javier as he was ready and prepared by the Lord, but there always has to be oposición in all things.  We had members who fell through for lots of different reasons and we had to cancel lessons.  We had our musical number cancel 3 times with different members for various reasons and then the Font overflowed and the church flooded (luckily the floors are tile, not carpet here).  And then when they drained the Font too much was let out and they couldn’t get it to plug and so they had to use a towel.  It was all crazy, but miraculously it filled way faster than normal and we were able to have the baptism although we started a half hour late with everything going on and waiting on people that needed to be there.  It was a long day, but all the members really came together as we all worked to get the font filled, before the baptism and the elders volunteered to do a musical number.  A member came up to us after and told us that Javier must have a lot of potential and is going to be a really strong great member one day, because he had never seen this much oposición to bring a baptism together.   It all came together and the spirit was really strong, especially when Javier shared his testimony. He was really emotional and I could just see him beaming.  He has changed so much in the short month we have been teaching him, as before he didn’t even believe in God.

I am so grateful for the Lord giving me the opportunity to be a part of this.  My testimony has been strengthened and I know we are truly just the instruments in the Lords hands here, as missionaries. I feel like we didn’t do much the spirit did it all.  It was also a very special experience because Javier’s family and friends came who aren’t members and it was a very emotional experience for them all.  We could tell that the spirit touched them.  Some of his friends are now going to receive the missionaries where they live as well.
The member who confirmed him, also blessed him that he would one day serve and be a great missionary. 

I am just full of so much gratitude after this experience that the Lord has entrusted me and my companion to teach Javier and to see him grow and gain a testimony..  I am so grateful for all of you in supporting me in my decision to serve a mission. I love you all and will talk to ya next week!

Hermana Stringham

Answers to questions:
On p-days we sometimes do activities with other missionaries like they play a lot of futbol (soccer) here and we do a lot of different activities like bowling, volleyball.  We actually don’t do a lot of service. We try to but the members tend to use the elders especially since their are 6 elders in our Ward and people don’t tend to let us help them on the Street, but we are always looking for service opportunities.  We email from these internet places they have a lot of them here. Working with Hermana Makin is different because we have the same amount of time and my other companions were always finishing their missions.  We have a lot of fun and actual work really well together.  I have loved having her as my companion. 

Transfers are actually next week though and I have been here for more than a third of my mission so I am pretty positive that I am going to a different area.  I am going to be sad to leave the members and the people we are teaching here, but I guess we don’t know for sure yet, and I know the Lord will send me where I need to go.

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